Television has been the mass media for broadcasting media content for a long time. However, developments in broadband internet and social networks have made it possible for individuals to use their own personal media as broadcast media. For example YouTube allows individuals to submit personal videos for public viewing. From the previous concept of a few broadcast channels, now we have millions of channels broadcast by individuals. This has led Time Magazine to announce the person of the year in 2006 [1] as “you”, to highlight the revolution in personal media that has developed.

As an artistic reflection on new personal media, Media Me is an interactive video installation that displays a captured image of a person as a video mosaic [2] [3] made of hundreds of videos. We literally turn the body into videos, which represent the revolution in personal media. Videos are continuously arranged in real-time to form a mosaic representation of the background to provide meaningful contents, such as cultural and historical. When no image is captured by the system, Media Me activates and reflects the media itself by creating a mosaic of cultural and historical videos.


MediaMe can be considered as a new form of personal media where a person can create a customized digital image using personal, cultural, historical, religion, and educational content as image elements. In addition to personal movies, we used religion, cultural, and historical movies of Sri Lanka to create a meaningful video Mosaic. MediaMe can also be used for educational purposes, such as teaching of national heritage of Sri Lanka.

13 Dec. 2006.
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